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Welcome to the home of VTK - Vierte Tür Klub, translated literally the "4th Door Club"

Of the many variations across the early 911's, the 1972 model has attracted some owners for its unique oil tank location and the 4th door that hides the oil filler cap.

This registry is for all those who love the 1972 911, regardless of why and regardless of condition. Records show that some 12,962 cars were built with 1972 chassis numbers, how many chassis numbers can we locate and record their condition and location?

Whatever model 1972 911 you have, whether it's running or not, whether you have more than one, more than two (you're hardcore!) join the VTK and the international community of '72 911 owners.

Your membership number is the last 6 digits of your chassis number. Membership is therefore limited to a maximum of 12,962!

As special as the 1972 911 is among the early 911s, the people who are attracted to owning them are equally special.

This registry is intended to house a voluntary record of both cars and owners. If you have something special to share about your VTK car(s) then we will do our best to host a page for each member.

Where were you in 1972? Where were you when the workers at Stuttgart were assembling your 1972 911? Were you patiently waiting for the local Porsche dealer to take delivery, or playing in a sandbox, oblivious to the joys of future Porsche ownership?

One of the pages we will build is "Where were you in '72". Find a photo of yourself in 1972, how have you stood the test of time versus your car? For those of you born post 1972...... good luck to you!

Tell your '72 owning friends and link them 911VTK.com

You have already pre-qualified to join VTK by choosing a 1972 911.
The international community of 1972 owners now has an informal register.
Email your name, chassis number and any details you like about your VTK car.
As the volume of registered names and numbers grows, we will determine how to automate the process of membership and creating and recording additional information about your cars.


Updated December 10, 2005